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May 2017 - Health & Wellness

What is a whole food supplement?
I get this question a lot! A whole food supplement is a supplement (something that one would take to provide levels of nutrients that are not being reached by eating food alone) that is derived from blends of concentrated whole foods. The majority of its ingredients are from whole foods, which by definition is a food in its original form. Consuming supplements in this form provides us with the micronutrients we are familiar with—vitamins and minerals—but also those that we may not be: phytonutrients. So when consuming your micronutrients in whole food supplement form, you are getting what nature intended.

What is Farm Fresh Factors?
Farm Fresh Factors is a blend of over 40 different fruits, vegetables, roots, shoots, and herbs, many of which are grown right in the Okanagan! This blend is concentrated using vacuum pressure and warmth to provide the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in Natural Factors Whole Earth & Sea products. By keeping the temperature low, the micronutrients are protected from damage by heat, and maintain their raw nature.

How does Natural Factors support our local communities?
Living in the fertile Okanagan valley means you can truly call Natural Factors a local company. Winfield and Armstrong are home to roughly 1,000 acres of organic farmland that grow many of the ingredients in their whole food supplements. Natural Factors also started the Plant a Seed and See What Grows not-for-profit charity that supports local school educational programs to teach “seed to table” cycling, and empower children and adults alike to eat well and respect where food comes from.

Are all supplements tested to be sure they are safe and effective?
There is growing concern over the quality of nutritional supplements in Canada. As Canadians, we must demand the highest quality testing of supplements, and ISURA is a third party laboratory in Burnaby, BC that is providing just that. ISURA tests for over 400 contaminants as well as genetically modified material. Rather than relying on a paper trail to claim safety, ISURA tests every single Natural Factors product before you will ever see it on the shelf.

Dr. Jennifer Dyck, nd is a naturopathic doctor, health educator, and public speaker with a passion for empowering her patients to achieve optimal health. With special expertise in treating digestive complaints, hormone imbalances, and brain-related health conditions, Dr. Jen is currently taking new patients at Brix Wellness in Kelowna, BC.

Article was published in The Good Life magazine.

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