Spring Ahead

March 2016 - Health & Wellness

This weekend we spring ahead…to more daylight, and a boost in our ‘happy hormone’ levels of serotonin. But first, we have to deal with an hour’s less sleep on Sunday night.

Most of us just don’t have the luxury of putting our heads back under the covers, so here are some tips on making the adjustment.

Plan ahead
It can take a few days to adjust to a new light-dark cycle, so go to bed 15 minutes earlier each day for four days before the time change. This is especially important for children who can have a harder time adjusting

Go dark
Light wakes up your brain so turn off your TV and devices an hour before bedtime, and make sure you can darken your room to filter out early morning light.

Brighten Up
Open your curtains to feel more alert in the morning. And because bright light advances your sleep onset time later in the day, resist the urge to linger longer outside in the evening…especially if it’s sunny…until your inner clock is adjusted.

Sleepy Sips
Sip some passionflower or chamomile tea to ease your way to dream time, or try a melatonin* or L-theanine supplement to calm your mind and induce sleep.

Be Careful
Studies show an increase in traffic and workplace accidents related to the seasonal time change, so be extra careful until you’ve adjusted to a new sleep cycle.

Happy Spring!

* Check with a professional if you are using other medications, and for information about proper dosage and timing.

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