Reduce Stress and Recharge


Reduce Stress and Recharge

December 2015 - Health & Wellness

Are you feeling the negative effects of stress? Stress has become a serious health issue for a growing number of people. In some circumstances, stress can be a positive thing; it can motivate you to perform at your best, or help to make a quick decision in an emergency situation. But, stress becomes negative when it becomes part of daily life. Chronic stress affects the body, behavior, and mood. It can cause high blood pressure, constant headaches, increased risk of heart attack, and muscle pain or tension, along with a number of other serious health concerns. Try some of these helpful tips to reduce stress and prevent the negative impact it can have on your well being.

  1. Understand the Cause
    Keep a stress journal. Make an entry each time you experience the feelings of pressure, anxiety or stress. This will allow you to recognize stress triggers and assist you in adjusting your daily routine to avoid them.

  2. Take Daily Lifestyle Steps

    2 factors to help reduce stress: get a good night’s sleep, and participate in daily exercise. Get at least 8 hours of sleep in a dark cool room. Darkness triggers the release of the sleep hormone Melatonin. Daily exercise releases endorphins and reduces the build of stress hormones.

  3. Supplements for Wellness
    Look for products that include Ashwaganda, Rhodiola or Siberian Ginseng, as these are all restorative herbs that help the body reduce anxiety, depression and the effects of stress. GABA, 5-HTP or L-Theanine, help with the body’s production and balance of key hormones. Products for stress & mood
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