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December 2017 - Health & Wellness

These days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the health information circulating online. It can be conflicting, difficult to understand and, most of all, it can be hard to find information that we can actually trust.

Providing credible, trusted education and amazing products that work has always been at the heart of everything Genuine Health does. That’s why Genuine Health has partnered with the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy to bring to you Town Hall Medicine. A new, digital destination for trusted, credible and science-backed health information.

The first Town Hall Medicine Summit will focus on the microbiome and its important impacts on our health.

What makes The Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Summit different?

Through a series of digital summits, Town Hall Medicine will provide you with access to 21 world-renowned researchers in more than 35 video interviews, exploring over 25 microbiome topics.

While many health summits present learnings as a series of lectures, Town Hall Medicine presents it in a series of interviews with world-renowned and respected scientists, researchers, clinicians and thought leaders – to get to the heart of their cutting-edge work on the microbiome.

You will discover their latest health findings, unfiltered and straight from the people who are doing the research!

What you can expect to learn:

  • How our understanding of the microbiome continues to evolve
  • How the microbiome influences our immune system and mental health
  • How the first 100 days of life are critical to a child’s microbiome – and how these 100 days can Impact whether a child develops asthma or allergies
  • How the microbiome and its metabolites could be a better predictor of type II diabetes than genetics
  • How farming practices are affecting the microbiome in the soil and our food supply – and in turn our own microbiomes

The Microbiome Summit will give you the trusted information you need to live a healthier life. “Education has always been important to me, and this project was always about creating good, solid information. I hope people get a better understanding about how to look after their health, and a better understanding of how to be healthier,” says Stewart Brown, Founder and President of Genuine Health

We hope you join us on this exciting, educational journey.

Learn more at www.townhallmedicine.com

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