Junk-Free January
Week 2 – Think Before You Drink

January 2018 - Health & Wellness

OK now you are in the habit of eating regularly, it’s time to collar the caffeine and muzzle the munchies. (Yeah, yeah, we hear you groaning, but we have faith in you. It’s simply a matter of replacing one habit with another.)

Caffeine – think before you drink.

For most of us, reaching for our cuppa is ingrained. We just automatically do it. So stop, think, and make a different choice:

  • Consider herbal tea, instead. Put a selection by your kettle to remind you. Even a once-a-day swap is good.
  • Drink a glass of water before every cup of tea or coffee – yes, first thing in the morning, too.


By now, with three nourishing meals a day, you’re likely craving sugar less, but if you do need a little something-something to prop yourself up, choose:

  • Fruit over candy
  • Quality dark chocolate over doughnuts
  • Popcorn, nuts and seeds over chips.

Mr. Google also has a ton of great ideas…

Don’t forget: Drink more water! Set 10am and 2pm water reminders on your phone, before the coffee cravings kicks in.

Nature’s Fare Nutritionists Lisa and Angela are here to guide you through a program that cleans up your diet and lifestyle habits, and puts you on the right track for a healthier, more energized year. Learn more about their full Junk-Free January plan.

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