Give Yourself Permission

October 2015 - Health & Wellness

We are caretakers of aging parents, children, friends, and communities. However, our commitments should not take precedence over our self-care. Life Coach Jodi Scott offers us a few tips on the art of self-responsibility or giving ourselves permission to have what we need.

Treat yourself like a friend.

Be kind, comforting, understanding and patient with yourself. If a friend was feeling low would you berate, judge, or condemn them? Of course not, you would show them compassion, maybe deliver a favorite specialty coffee, a bouquet of flowers, or go for a stroll through the park and listen closely to what your friend has to say. Be as good to yourself, as you are to others.

Give yourself permission to play.

As we became ‘serious adults’ some of us decided play was the forbidden fruit. Play is anything that gives you more energy back than it takes to do it. It’s what neuroscientists call being in the state of flow – where you lose all self-consciousness and track of time and are just completely immersed in what you are doing. When you allow yourself to play, you fill up your tank. The spillover is then shared with the people closest to you.

Give yourself permission to rest.

Slow down to speed up. Often when we become exhausted, we continue to push ourselves like an over-tired toddler who keeps fighting sleep. We are not our best selves, and we tend not to make our best decisions when we are tired. It is OK to take a nap! You will be more creative and efficient once you are rested.

Enjoy the gift of this day!

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