Do Hormones Determine Your Personality?

April 2018 - Health & Wellness

Did you know that your personality is defined by which type of hormone is dominating your body?

According to anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, people think, feel, behave and love differently, depending on if they are influenced by dopamine, serotonin, testosterone or oestrogen. You will also be drawn to people whose personality is mainly influenced by a complementary hormone.

So how can you find out which type you are? Dr Fisher explains the four types in her book Why Him? Why Her? in which you can also do a test to find your match.

Dopamine makes a person willing to take risks, constantly seeking novelty and new experiences. The “explorers” are adventurous, optimistic, curious, energetic and creative.

Serotonin on the other hand makes people calm, social, cautious , loyal, fond of rules and facts. The “builders” are often conventional and good at building social networks.

Testosterone makes you direct, decisive, focused, analytical, logical, tough-minded, exacting, emotionally contained and good at strategic thinking.

Most people who are driven by testosterone are competitive and bold. You can spot “directors” by looking at someone’s forehead, since it is often broad and high.

Oestrogen is a hormone that makes people see the bigger picture and think holistically. They have good verbal skills and can read body language, tone of voice and facial expressions easily. These “negotiators” tend to be altruistic, idealistic and emotionally expressive. You can see on a person’s round face and full lips that they are mainly driven by oestrogen.

People who are explorers usually like and get lucky with other explorers and builders like builders. Testosterone-driven directors attract oestrogen-driven negotiators. Of course, all of us have a little of every hormone, but usually one type is dominant with another as secondary influencer of personality.

Source: Harmony &  Good Health Magazine

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