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February 2023 - Health & Wellness

Even though a smoothie might not be your cold weather go-to drink, it’s always smoothie season around here. Our smoothies are made from 100% certified organic produce and no concentrates or artificial flavours. From delicious seasonal fruits like raspberries and peaches to fuel-the-day veggies like spinach and chard—all of our blends are crafted to pack the most flavour and nutrition into every sip. So, why add a booster?

If you’re a coffee lover, you already know the difference it makes to tailor your order right down to the temperature. With smoothies, boosters are the best way to customize what’s in your cup so you get the perfect added dose of wellness.

Booster Basics


Adding protein powder is a great way to increase overall wellness and help with recovery and repair. Adding protein will also help fight hunger and keep you fuller longer.

  • Hemp Protein – simple single source of vegan protein.
  • Genuine Health Whey Protein – full amino acid profile with digestive enzymes.
  • Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Protein – fermentation for easier digestion of plant-based proteins.

Gut & Skin

Gut health and skin health go hand in hand. These boosters are great at supporting a healthy gut biome while also feeding your skin from the inside out.

  • Genuine Health Collagen – the building block for skin, hair, nails, bones and connective tissue; it helps with aging and recovery. It’s also great at repairing the lining of our intestines.
  • Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy – a synergistic blend of 11 superfoods that enhance energy, stamina and athletic performance.
  • Genuine Health Fermented Organic Gut Superfoods – this blend of 22 fermented superfoods and prebiotics supports healthy gut bacteria.

Energy & Immunity

Be prepared to keep up the fight against the winter blahs along with the lingering cold and flu season.

  • Bee Pollen – full of nutrients that boost immunity and reduce inflammation.
  • Cordyceps – a fantastic fungus that stimulates the fighter cells in our immune system.
  • Echinacea – taken at the start of a cold, it can help shorten the duration and symptoms.
  • Goji Berry – packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants, it’s great for immune support.
  • Maca – an adaptogen that helps the body balance stress while increasing energy
  • Spirulina – a nutrient-rich algae that boosts energy and immune response
  • Vitamin C – strong antioxidant that helps protect our cells from damage while supporting the immune system.
Build Your Boosters

Looking at the menu and trying to narrow down your options can be a bit overwhelming. It’s best to start with your desired benefits and pick and choose based on flavour preferences from there. These are our favourite combos to help you start the new year off well.

  • Energy – Greens+ extra energy + protein of choice + goji berries
  • Digestion – prebiotics + chia seeds
  • Muscle Recovery – protein of choice + collagen + spirulina
  • Immune Support – probiotics + bee pollen + vitamin C
  • Fighting a Bug – cordyceps + echinacea + vitamin C
  • Focus – avocado + Udo’s oil + maca
  • Hormone Balance – protein of choice + maca
  • Beauty – collagen + Udo’s oil + vitamin C 

Article was published in The Good Life magazine.

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