7 Signs Your Nutrition Might Need a Boost

July 2022 - Health & Wellness

Our body is amazing at using foods and supplements to perform every single function it takes to keep us going each day. It’s just as amazing at sending us signals when it needs some support; the question is are you listening?

Listening to our body’s needs and working towards a balanced lifestyle keep the signals to a whisper. For example, if you’re thirsty, it’s your signal to drink some water. However, if you continually ignore the small signals and leave that check engine light on for too long, the body will get its point across in a much louder and less easily ignorable ways which can lead to illness and poor health. If you’re experience any of these symptoms, it’s a red flag that you need some support.

  1. Hair Loss
    Hair loss is normal but if you start to notice more than normal strands on your pillow or in your brush then it might be time to take notice. Hair loss is most associated with low iron and low thyroid function. A simple lab test can help confirm your levels. In the meantime, look at your plate and try adding more green veggies, beans and red meat (if it fits with your dietary lifestyle) to your diet.
  2. Unexplained Exhaustion
    Life is busy, and we are all a little tired—this is for those who can’t seem to “wake up”. If you can’t contribute your exhaustion to the three S’s—sleep, sickness or stress—then it’s time to take a deeper look. Most common nutritional factors could be lack of vitamin D and low iron. More D is never a bad thing. Start with 1000 IU a day, get some safe sun exposure and try increasing fresh fish, liver or fortified juice and dairy.
  3. Dry Skin
    Lotions are great, but skin health really starts from the inside. Dehydration, lack of essentials fatty acids and vitamin A can all be areas that need some attention. Challenge yourself to drink more water, pick up a great omega oil supplement, and add melons and dark green veggies to your diet.
  4. Bruising
    Collagen is the glue that helps keeps our skin and tissue cells resilient and intact. If you’re bruising easily, it might be time to look at how much vitamin C you’re getting. Vitamin C is one of the main building blocks of collagen and delicious to increase in your diet. Focus on bell peppers, citrus, broccoli and tomatoes.
  5. Constipation
    Daily elimination is essential for good health. If you’re not having a bowel movement at least once a day you’re considered constipated. Hydration, fibre and healthy gut bacteria are all key areas to help get you going. Consider adding a probiotic and fibre supplement into your daily regime and increase your water intake.
  6. Dark Urine
    This sign is often overlooked as “normal” but the colour of your urine is a direct gauge on how hydrated you are. If it is darker than a pale yellow it could be a sign that you need to increase your hydration.
  7. Stiffness & Inflammation
    Pain and stiffness after a good workout or physical activity is normal but daily inflammation can be a sign that your diet needs some attention. Foods like dairy, gluten and excessive sugar can all be underlying causes of inflammation. Try cutting back on these items and look at including supplements such as magnesium, turmeric and omega-3. 

While listening your body is key and starting with your diet is a safe way to improve wellness, some health symptoms can be the sign of something more serious and you should check in with your health care provider to talk about your concerns.

Article was published in The Good Life.

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