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May 2023 - Community & Environment

Just try to hold a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers in your hand and not feel a little giddy. You inhale that subtle, sweet, rising fragrance. You study the revelry of colours—yellows, violets, pinks. You touch the soft, velvety petals. Yes, this is joy. Fresh-cut flowers bring the beauty and wonder of nature into our kitchens and living rooms; they are messengers of sentiments to those we love, and they evoke some of our strongest memories. With rows and rows of untouched goldenrods, black-eyed Susans, lupines and marigolds—some of the flowers our pollinators love best—organic flower farms also play an increasingly critical role in the survival of bees. At Nature’s Fare Markets, local, organic farming is very important to us, and that extends from fruits and veg to blooms. We’re fortunate in BC to be able to bring customers exceptionally beautiful fresh-cut bouquets. So, we invite you to meet the small local floral farms we’ve developed relationships with so you can support local growers (and those precious bees!) this spring.

Dirty Bee Flower Farm – West Kelowna
Make the everyday or a special day even brighter with fresh-cut garden bouquets of cosmos, dahlias and the most lovely foliage grown, harvested and designed by the self-declared “fun haver” Arlene Schuppener. You can also visit her u-pick flower farm and watch the bees enjoying nectar parties.

Jodie Rae’s Floral Bouquets - Kelowna
Hand-tied or gathered in a mason jar, Jodie Rae’s bouquets bring us the simple beauty of the season’s brightest—from sunflowers and mums to tulips, tiger lilies and dahlias. These farm flower blooms are fresh, organic and utterly delightful.

Backcountry Blooms – Lumby
Located on the edge of the Monashee Mountains in Lumby, Backcountry Farms delivers their seasonal bouquets to Nature’s Fare Markets so you can enjoy the aroma and ambience of arrangements jumping with magnificent snapdragons, bluebells, dianthus, tulips and more.

Hawthorn Farm Studio – Vernon
Florist-artist Amy Kermociev and her husband, Caleb, cultivate nearly 40,000 flowers under the Okanagan sun every spring. Fresh cut bouquets might be dressed in anything from sunflowers, peonies and tulips to daffodils, sweet peas and foxgloves. This small-scale flower-farm/art studio also brings you hand-crafted pottery stoneware and nature-inspired art cards. 

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