Bye Plastic Bags, Hello Sustainable Solutions

January 2020 - Community & Environment

As many of our eco-savvy customers know, Nature’s Fare Markets has always been at the forefront of sustainability practices. In fact, built into our core values is a determination to make sure we do everything we can for you and for our planet. So, we’re pleased to let you know of another change, coming soon, to your local Nature’s Fare Markets.

In the New Year, as part of our commitment to reduce packaging, we are phasing out our familiar plastic (actually oxo-biodegradable) shopping bags,
once our stores have used up their inventory, for better options. Our produce bags remain, which are fully compostable.

While our current oxo-biodegradable bags were the best available when we first introduced them years ago, we always strive to do better, and need your help.

Of course, the best option, always, is to bring your own bag—and every time you do, we donate five cents to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), Canada’s leading national land conservation organization that works to protect the natural areas that sustain Canada’s plants and wildlife.

Thank to your efforts, in 2019 we diverted over 300,000 bags from the landfill.

Two other options:

  • Purchase a Paper Bag
    Made from 40% post-recycled content and from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, these can be used several times before disposal in your backyard compost. We are only asking our customers for a portion of their actual cost, even though they are more expensive.
  • Purchase a Nature’s Fare Reusable Bag
    Now at a reduced price! These durable Nature’s Fare Markets reusable bags are offered, at cost, to use over and over again.

Together We Can Be Better
Our customers’ partnership makes all the difference in the world. Besides bringing your own bags, here’s what else you can do:

  • Bring your own clean cups for smoothies, juices, and coffee for 10 cents off.
  • Say “no thanks” to a lid for your smoothies.
  • Ask for a “to-stay” cup if consuming in the store.
  • Choose “to-stay” cutlery and dishware when consuming food in-store.
  • Bring a reusable straw, or use one of our compostable ones.
  • Use the recycling and compost bins in our Bistros.
  • If you take your containers home, please bring them back to compost in our stores.

Article was published in The Good Life magazine.

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