The Bistro

See what we’ve got cookin’

If you’ve ever tried Chef Nick’s famous slow-cooked turkey and black bean chili, a Buddha bowl, or one of our organic salads filled with chickpeas, kale, and other good stuff, you know that at the Bistro, we’re always doing something different and ridiculously tasty.

As Chef Nick tells it, “This is not your typical grocery store fare.” Every ingredient is carefully chosen; fresh, organic produce, ethically raised and grass-fed and grass-finished meat and dairy, and products without additives and preservatives.

We also work hard to cater to a variety of food tastes, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo diets.

Nick and his team prepare hundreds of fresh meals every day including now-famous fragrant soups, hearty sandwiches, wraps, inspired salads, and must-have entrees like veggie curry, savoury Egyptian koshieri and Marrakesh beef stew. And that is before we talk about the mouth-watering bars, cookies, and desserts!

Chef Nick Johnston

Our talented Chef Nick Johnston started by just wanting to ‘lick the spoon.’ Today, he develops our menus, manages his kitchen staff, and sources the amazing ingredients that makes everything taste amazing. Nick’s passion for great food began as a youngster, and was refined by his classic and modern French cuisine training. Ever since, he’s been wowing taste buds in fine kitchens across Canada. Today, he puts all that hard work and training to good use in the Bistro.

We smoothies & juice

Yes, it’s true. We have a total crush on delicious and healthy smoothies and juice just like you! So, stop by the juice bar and order up your favourite organic fresh-squeezed juice or fresh-fruit and veggie smoothie and have the energized boost you need every day.