Time to Detox with Dr. Terry Willard

January 2016 - Health & Wellness

We were very excited to host Dr. Terry Willard in our Langley, Kamloops, and Kelowna locations. He educated on how the Wild Rose D-Tox can help you start the year off right by detoxifying in just 12 days.Here are his top take away points.

What can you eat?
All foods can be classified as acid forming,neutral or alkaline-forming. Since many health problems result when our bodies are overly acidic, a good detoxification program addresses the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. This means a number of dietary restrictions, but you can eat as much as you want as long as the food is alkaline.

How do we detox?
The liver, kidney and intestinal tract are the primary organs of detoxification. The skin and lungs will also participate in the elimination of toxins to some degree. The liver plays several roles in detoxification: it filters the blood to remove large toxins; it synthesizes and secretes bile, which is full of cholesterol and fat-soluble toxins; and it has an enzyme system that disassembles unwanted chemicals.

Detox or fast?
Detoxification diets are preferable to fasts because they don’t overload these fragile processes. Eliminating too many toxins too quickly can overburden the system. A good detox diet will provide nourishment for the whole body to function well and also provide the key nutrients to bind toxins, and the bulk fiber that will help move them through the system.

Why detox?
This detoxification process is especially important to prevent several types of cancer. About 90% of environmental carcinogens can be handled and eliminated by a sound operational liver detoxification system. If toxins overwhelm the liver or the kidneys, they cannot function properly and do their job. There have been many studies showing that regular detoxes can reduce the body’s toxic load, thus keeping the natural detoxification mechanisms in good working order.

When should we detox?
Detoxification programs are safe and can be done 2 to 4 times per year by almost anyone.They are most successful at the start of the new health program, in the spring and fall.

If you are interested in starting a cleanse, come in and speak to one of our knowledgeablestaff members.

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