Banish the Bug

November 2016 - Health & Wellness

Stay healthy and avoid catching the flu this season! Your best defense is having a strong and prepared immune system. Many factors, including increased stress, decreased sleep and poor nutrition, can elevate your chances of becoming sick. There are many natural supplements that can help keep you healthy this season.

A strong immune system helps increase your chances of warding off the flu bug.

  • Vitamin D– essential for immune health
  • Probiotics– help boost good bacteria and the body’s ability to fight off harmful bacteria.
  • Medicinal mushrooms– assist in strengthening the immune response.
  • Influenzium – is a homeopathic flu prevention prepared from the approved seasonal inactivated influenza vaccine.

Starting to feel aches and pains
These products are best used when you are directly exposed to or feel the onset of symptoms. Fighting the cause of the illness and not just the symptoms in crucial in fighting off the flu.

  • Andrographis– boosts the body’s natural killer cells and increases the first line of defense
  • Ginger– works well to sooth an upset stomach, and lessen ‘the chills”
  • Elderberry– anti-bacterial and also assists with decreasing swelling of mucous membranes.

Fight the bug
When you have caught the flu there are many natural products to help the body treat the symptoms.

  • Oscillococcinum– is a homeopathic remedy for symptoms
  • Oil of oregano– is a powerful anti-viral, helping kill the bug that is causing the illness
  • Colloidal silver– is a multi-purpose anti-viral to help kill the flu virus

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