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September 2015 - Family Wellness

Exciting times are upon us; it’s back to school!

However, the return to close contact with other children also means it is time to ensure your kids have a fighting chance against the viruses that spread through our school communities. Don’t look to those cute and colorful (chemical-filled) backpack sized hand sanitizers to ward off the germs, instead, start with preventative maintenance at home.

“Probiotics are your first line of defense against colds and flu,” says Nature’s Fare Vitamin Manager Sarah Love. “70 percent of viruses can be avoided through the intake of healthy amounts of probiotics.”

According to Natural Factors, a BC-based partner in natural health food supplements and vitamins, “Supplemental bacteria are called probiotics, meaning “for life” or “in support of life”, because they are the natural guardians of robust intestinal health and vitality. The human intestinal tract contains trillions of bacteria in a natural but delicate state of balance between the beneficial bacteria and their good effects and the pathogenic microorganisms and their potentially adverse effects. Beneficial bacteria also have a profound effect on the immune system, boosting immunity to combat allergies, flu, and the common cold.”

Like other probiotics in powdered form, Natural Factors’ Children’s Multi Probiotic is a cost effective way to safeguard your children’s health. Just make it part of your daily routine by adding the recommended dose to a small serving of yogurt or applesauce. If your kids would prefer a chewable option FloraBEAR is a real orange flavored gummy.

Speaking of great tasting, fish oil now comes in flavors like cotton candy (Sealicious) and peach mango (Botanica). Another essential back to school supplement, omega 3s support brain health and concentration and are a staple in good nutrition.

Last but certainly not least, you may want to consider adding a multivitamin to your child’s supplement regime. While it is not a replacement for good nutrition, a multivitamin does offer vitamin and mineral support that may be especially important for picky eaters with busy schedules.

Candy-like conventional options can be laden with artificial sweeteners, dyes, and chemicals. So look for a high-quality multi-vitamin that offers the full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, iron, calcium and magnesium without the additives.

“Fun shapes and colors do not have to mean artificial ingredients,” explains Love. “Cane and apricot juice are great natural sweeteners used in many of the products on our shelves.”

Liquid forms like Kindervital are easily absorbed by the body, but if your kids prefer a chewable Sisu’s U-Cubes Multi are non-GMO gummies in flavors like grape, cherry, and orange.

Here’s to a fun and healthy school year. Make it a priority to laugh, eat well, get outside and please don’t hesitate to call or stop by any of our six store locations with your natural health product questions.

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