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The Adrenal, Stress, and Keto Connection

The Adrenal, Stress, and Keto Connection

Join Aeryon Ashlie to discuss the connections between the keto diet, stress, and your weight loss journey.

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Aeryon Ashlie is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Holistic Fitness, Coach and Radio Personality.

After experiencing severe weight fluctuations for most of her life, a 20+ year battle with Bulimia and a negative relationship with food Aeryon’s goal is to help others step into Health and Wellness Sustainability.

She is a strong believer of a Holistic Intuitive Approach, with focus on the relationship between the Mind, Body and Spirit. After years of working through her own struggles and those of her clients Aeryon realizes that unless the internal dialogue aligns with ones Health and Fitness goals finding consistency can be a challenge.

Aeryon’s latest book “Bulimia to Balance” is a Number 1 best seller and can be purchased on Amazon. She is currently featured daily on 107.7 PulseFM as the Fitness Expert in addition to TV, Magazines and Newsprint.

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