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Secrets to Happiness and Hormonal Harmony

Secrets to Happiness and Hormonal Harmony

Join Julie Daniluk to learn how to reach your greatest level of health and vitality by using anti-inflammatory foods and powerful healing remedies.

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Holistic Nutritionist Julie Daniluk hosts Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show, now shown in over 78 countries. Her award-winning bestseller, Meals That Heal Inflammation, has helped over 100,000 people enjoy allergy-free foods that taste great. Julie’s latest book, Hot Detox, was the number #1 Canadian health book in 2017 with 11 weeks on the bestseller list.

She has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows, including The Dr. Oz Show, and is a resident nutrition expert for The Marilyn Denis Show.

Check out amazing recipes and nutrition tips at and connect directly with Julie on social media @juliedaniluk.