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Heart-Warming Foods

Heart-Warming Foods

Join Julia Denker to learn more about nutritious foods that support one of your most amazing vital organs – your heart!

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Julia Denker has a passion for wellness, educational background in psychology and nutrition, and administrative leadership experience. She knows that we can all live and work smarter by making small but impactful lifestyle changes, including rethinking our food choices. Understanding bio-chemical individuality is key, and she guides clients on cueing into their bodies to craft a nourishment plan that works.

Julia currently teaches, coaches, and writes on all facets of nutrition and wellness, with an emphasis on mid-life women and busy professionals. She also applies her unique mix of leadership and health expertise to workplace wellness initiatives. Julia loves to practice yoga, walk her dog, and whip up safe-and-good-for-you body butters in the kitchen. A perfectly ripe avocado makes her day!