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Wellness Talk

Gentle Cleanse or Deep Detox?

Join Becky Blixrud

We are often inspired to make changes at this time of year. Doing a cleanse or detox can be a great start! Learn realistic and practical ways to approach a fall reboot.

Becky Blixrud

My name is Becky and I believe great health is achievable and necessary for everyone! I guide people in make nutritious choices so they can maintain healthy body weight, have a great mood & clear mind – without going on extreme fad diets. My approach to health is this – your physical condition is impacted by SO much more than just food. Exercise, spirituality, relationships, finances, career, and sleep all factor into helping people be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. By making small modifications in any of these areas, our health improves. Conversely, when you take one small baby step in how you eat, your entire life is impacted in a positive way.