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Fit ’n Healthy Nutrition

Join Michale Hartte, BASc Nutr, NNCP, CH and Diet and Detox Specialist

Learn why leptin resistance is the key to breaking through the weight loss struggle that no one is talking about.

Michale Hartte BASc Nutr, NNCP, CH and Diet and Detox Specialist has 20 years experience getting people Fit and Healthy through her content, courses, and 1 on 1 consulting. She has worked with legends like Bob Proctor, world class motivational speaker, creating the nutritional plan in his book, The Science of Perfect Weight, A new way of thinking, eating, and living to achieve your perfect weight’. Authored her own book, “The Fit ‘n Healthy Plan, The healthy diet & lifestyle plan made easy!” Wrttten for countless magazines such as Alive Health, Okanagan Health & Wellness, and a regular expert for Glenmore Living Magazine. Her passion to help people comes from the complete reversal of Amenorrhea and Osteoporosis using the power of the right diet, rejuvenating detox, and daily routine. Michale and her husband Rheece live in Kelowna where they are raising their two healthy boys. Michale is well known for ‘leaving no stone unturned’ creating Nutrition and Lifestyle Plans that are work fast.