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Corporate Lunch & Learn

Fuel your journey to better health

What are you doing for lunch? Our savvy holistic nutritionist Lisa Kilgour is eager to join you and your fellow employees, for an hour to share what she knows about how to eat well, optimize your health and wellbeing – to be at your best for work and play.

Oh, she’ll bring delicious food for everyone from our Bistro. All you need to do is come hungry, have fun. And with 10 different topics to choose from, she can keep coming back! So call us today to book your lunch – or series of lunches. Bon Appetit! PS – If you work for a not-for-profit organization, Lunch and Learn is on us.

Step 1: Learn – Choose a lesson topic

What do you want to learn about?
Our registered holistic nutritionist will do an hour long presentation followed by a brief Q&A.

Easy Steps to a Healthier Life
Eating Healthy on the Run
Nutrition: Myths & Truths
What Are Your Cravings Telling You?
The Facts About Fats
Healthy Body, Healthy Weight
Analyzing Food Labels: What to Look For
Managing Pain: Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Optimizing Energy for Better Productivity
Top 5 Supplements for a Stress Free Life

Step 2: Lunch – Choose what to eat

Gather together after the learning session for a nutritious buffet-style meal with dishes made from the freshest organic ingredients.

10 or less people
choose 2 salads + 2 sandwiches/wraps + 1 baked item

10–20 people
choose 3 salads + 3 sandwiches/wraps + 1 baked item

20 or more people
choose 4 salads + 4 sandwiches/wraps + 1 baked item       1 fruit tray + 1 vegetable tray

Enough food will be provided for each attendee to enjoy a serving of salad, a sandwich or wrap, and a baked item. Please let us know if you would like an adjustment made to a dish to suit a special dietary need.

Step 3. Get in Touch

Pricing is based on the number of attendees.
Email us for a quote: