Earth Day is Every Day

April 2018 - Community & Environment

At Nature’s Fare Markets, we don’t just celebrate Earth Day on April 22 – we celebrate our beautiful planet 365 days of the year.

In fact, from the day we opened our first store 25 years ago, our sole (soul!) purpose was to build a place for people – just like us – who love healthy organic food.

And that’s never changed. Every day since, we’ve measured our heartbeat by its sustainable rhythm – and consider our planet in everything we do.

  • We are B Corp
    We really B-lieve that we must B the Change, by making positive social and environ-mental change through business. We are Canada’s 1st certified B Corp retail company.
  • We compost
    We start by reducing how much garbage we create, and finish with in-store composting systems. Everything serves a purpose.
  • We only support 100% organic farming
    All our produce is nurtured with only naturally sourced fertilizers, and no chemical pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. We’re a proud partner of the Certified Organic Association of BC.
  • We always choose local farmers first
    Locally grown food is better for our health, our economy, for quality soil and eco-systems. Our first choice, always, is the road less traveled.
  • We support local artisans
    Look for local, passionately produced food and personal care products in our bistro, and on our grocery and beauty care shelves. We love to create a local scene.
  • We donate food waste to local farmers for feed
    Even our leftovers come full circle. Our food waste – all organic, healthy and fresh – is given to local farmers to feed their animals. Waste not, want not.
  • We choose to use energy-efficient equipment & fixtures
    Every fridge, freezer and light bulb, in every store, is eco-energy efficient. (We also use Sustainable Forest Initiative-approved recycled paper, and soy-based inks and dyes.) No waste of energy here!
  • We encourage re-usable bags through community donations.
    Bring your own bag, and we’ll donate to a community charity – like a local food bank or a non-profit in your community. One good turns into another.

We are a Climate Smart Certified Business, and proud to be voted BC’s Healthiest Natural Food Store.

We hope you’ll join us – on Earth Day – and every day.


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