Bust Belly Fat, Lose Weight & Stop Cravings


Bust Belly Fat, Lose Weight & Stop Cravings

January 2017 - Active Lifestyle

If weight loss were as simple as reducing calories and exercising we would all be slim. Many factors contribute to our expanding waist line and that is why diets generally don’t work. Most dieters gain all the weight they have lost and more within 60 days of halting a calorie-reduced diet. But the good news….weight loss can be effortless when we adopt a healthy diet and add a couple of research-backed nutritional supplements to boost success.

Food that Fights Fat
Eat protein at every meal and eat only protein for breakfast – an egg, a chicken breast, a protein shake, protein powder in yogurt for example. Stop eating all white foods – white bread, white pasta, white sugar, white flour, white potatoes.

Get a large Ziplock freezer bag and fill it every morning with vegetables: broccoli, celery sticks, carrots and more. Eat vegetables throughout the day – your blood sugar will be balanced and you will never feel hungry. There are only a few nutritional supplements licensed by Health Canada for weight loss and balanced blood sugar. Clinical research is the only way to be sure that supplements work and my favorite weight loss supplements are as follows:

PROTEINsmart with CLA Melts Fat
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a fatty acid supplement that literally melts fat. In a 90-day, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study published in 2000 in the Journal of Nutrition, CLA users experienced fat loss with an average weight reduction of seven pounds with a 20 percent decrease in body fat. CLA also stops fat from coming back once dieting stops.

Incredibly, CLA has also been found to help with weight loss even if people don’t change their diet. In June 2009, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported on 45 post menopausal women (the group that has the biggest challenge losing weight). For 16 weeks they took 5,000mg of CLA per day. The women were told not to diet or exercise any differently. CLA significantly reduced the women’s body fat and they lost weight. Just think if they would have eaten for fat loss too! To speed up weight loss, eat a delicious PROTEINsmart with CLA shake for breakfast containing 20 grams of protein and 2500mg of CLA. Add another PROTEINsmart with CLA shake mid afternoon for optimal fat burning results. When you eat PROTEINsmart with CLA for breakfast the fat burning effect lasts 4 to 6 hours.

Drink Your Way to Weight Loss
For fast weight loss you must drink water but water is, as we know, boring. SHAPEsmart containing SVETOL is a clinically researched, water enhancer that has 9 clinical studies proving its ability to enhance weight loss, reduce sugar absorption, mobilize fat to drain out of fat cells, and improve cardiovascular health. It is one of the few supplements that is licensed by Health Canada for weight management and that is because SHAPEsmart works quickly. Studies have shown an average 10 pound weight loss in 12 weeks. A randomized, placebo controlled, double-blind study over 12 weeks, with 40 volunteers, found SHAPEsmart reduced the absorption of sugar in the gut. Participants lost over 10 pounds vs the placebo group that lost 2.4 pounds. SHAPEsmart contains no caffeine or sugar and comes in individual packets that can be added to cold or hot water.

Bust Belly Fat with GLUCOsmart
Now for belly fat, the most stubborn problem. No end of sit-ups and crunches make it disappear. You have probably figured out there is a connection between belly fat and your hormones – and that hormone is insulin.

Elevated insulin promotes weight gain, diabetes and excess belly fat. Thankfully, busting belly fat and balancing blood sugar and insulin just got easier. The nutrient Chirositol found in GLUCOsmart has been researched in over 30 studies at the Virginia Medical School where it was shown to manage blood sugar. GLUCOsmart also enhances our happy hormone serotonin which halts sugar cravings and controls appetite. But where GLUCOsmart really shines is in busting belly fat in both men and women.

Combine the healthy eating plan and add two scoops of PROTEINsmart with CLA, add SHAPEsmart to your water bottle and take GLUCOsmart and weight loss will be effortless.

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