Loving Your Liver

The liver is a marvel! Vitally important, our largest internal organ is a tireless workhorse that governs the removal of toxins from the body. Detoxification is the name of its number one game. The liver is a multi-tasker and a brilliant communicator. It chats with your digestive system, for example, to sort out the body’s … Continued

Make the Most of Your Summer Bounty

Harvesting and preserving your own fresh food can be as satisfying as growing it—and brings the added pleasure of enjoying your whole-food bounty in winter months. Follow us through this primer as we explore some of the time-tested ways to make the most of your summer bounty. SAVE FOR LATER Store FreshOne to six months … Continued

Break Free From Disordered Eating

When was the last time you sat down in front of a delicious slice of chocolate cake and only felt excited to eat it? No shame or guilt, just excitement? We’ve been inundated with diet after diet for so many generations that it can be hard to see a common pattern in our eating. That … Continued

DIY Mud Kitchen

Oh, magical mud! Kids seem almost magnetically drawn to it, don’t they?And with good reason. Playing with mud is a highly sensorial experience, and squishing, mixing, and smearing it can be deeply joyful and satisfying. Mud play also fosters imagination, creativity, problem solving, and scientific experimentation, all of which are really important parts of childhood. … Continued

Spooky Snacks for Halloween

Get creative and stay healthy this Halloween with these ghoulish snack ideas. Plus, download our spookily silly bag labels for DIY treat bags. Spider EggsGreen grapes Bat DroppingRaisins Ghost PoopMini marshmallows Franken-Kiwi What you need: Kiwi Pretzel Sticks Mini Marshmallows Mini Chocolate Chips What to do: Peel kiwi to create the hair outline, and cut in … Continued

3 ways multivitamins can help at school

Most people take a multivitamin for the same reason: to fill in the gaps in their diet. That’s why we give our kids multis; while our diets aren’t perfect, theirs are worse. But did you know that giving your child a well-crafted multivitamin can offer concrete benefits too? Turns out, a daily multi helps your … Continued

The Power of Journaling

10 minutes a day and 4 prompts to help you get started If you are completely new to journaling, this is going to be a great place for you to start. Your first thought may be “Dear Diary” but that’s not quite where we’re going with this. There are enormous benefits to getting your thoughts, … Continued

Rapid Relief of Pain and Inflammation

Anyone who has been in pain or discomfort for any length of time – even short term – knows just how incredibly taxing it can be; physically, mentally and even emotionally. That’s why active living people, weekend warriors or performance athletes want to recover quickly or avoid an injury to begin with. Protracted periods of … Continued

Put the pedal to the metal with IronSmart

Has your get-up-and-go gone away? Feeling sluggish is no joke, especially when it’s caused by iron deficiency. Approximately 4% of premenopausal women are iron deficient, and certain groups including children under age 2, adolescent and menstruating women as well as older adults are at greater risk of iron deficiency. During pregnancy, women need more iron … Continued