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Considered one of the most severe types of headaches, the migraine is a painful experience. Though much research exists, the migraine remains a bit of a medical mystery. Migraines may occur as often as once a week, twice a year or once in a lifetime. Triggers for a migraine may include: allergies, constipation, stress, lack of sleep, emotional stress, hormonal imbalance, sun glare or flashing lights & changes in barometric pressure, etc.

Migraines usually exhibit 5 phases:

  • Day before-mood changes, loss of memory and/or physical senses.
  • Flashes / patterns of light & numbness in hands or mouth may directly precede the episode.
  • Severe throbbing pain in head, leading to nausea, light sensitivity
  • Headache dissipates slowly.
  • Person exhausted from episode.

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