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Food Allergies

An allergy is an inappropriate response of the body’s immune system to an otherwise harmless substance. Food normally does not provoke a response from the body but when it does an antibody called immunoglobin E (IgE) is produced and circulates through the blood. This starts a chain reaction every time a particular food is eaten that leads to the allergic reaction. The protein fragments responsible for the allergic reaction are broken down by cooking, stomach acids or enzymes.

Symptoms May Include:

  • Itching tongue and / or mouth
  • Trouble breathing & swallowing
  • Diarrhea and / or abdominal pain
  • Hives and / or intense itching
  • Recurrent headaches
  • Onset immediate or delayed.

Some foods (i.e. wheat & dairy) have
been linked to behavioral reactions in
susceptible individuals. Children will
often outgrow these allergies.
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