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Can belly fat, male facial hair growth and skin tags be due hormones? By guest blogger Lorna Vanderhaeghe


Your doctor is correct and there are a few hormones involved. The main hormone is insulin. When insulin is in excess, it causes an elevation in circulating male hormones (also called androgens). These male hormones—particularly testosterone—can cause male facial hair growth in women, acne, and infertility. Elevated insulin is related to weight gain, high cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats), diabetes and belly fat. Skin tags are an early symptom of pre-diabetes due to high blood sugar. Thankfully, the secret to normalizing insulin and male hormones just got easier.


For the past 25 years, a nutrient called D-chiro-inositol has been involved in over 30 published studies at the Virginia Medical School. Sold as Glucosmart with Chirositol™ in Canada, this new nutrient derived from carob is a great supplement for insulin-resistant conditions including metabolic syndrome, Type-2 diabetes, PCOS, and excess androgen-related conditions like acne and male facial hair growth in women. It has also been shown to reduce appetite and improve serotonin, our happy hormone. Reduced serotonin or poor metabolism of serotonin is linked to increased sugar cravings. So by balancing serotonin, Chirositol™ also helps control appetite. Chirositol™ mimics insulin activity, thereby helping to control blood glucose levels, glucose storage or disposal of glucose in the cell. And it will not cause low blood sugar in those with normal blood sugar levels.


Beyond Chirositol’s insulin and blood glucose control benefits, studies show Chirositol™ is beneficial for PCOS, building muscle and weight control. In women with PCOS, weight gain around the hips and thighs, insulin resistance, higher-than-normal male hormones and infertility due to not ovulating are major components of the condition. PCOS is a very challenging condition to treat and Chirositol™ has effectively reduced excess serum male hormones, weight gain and appetite. In women who also do not ovulate or have irregular periods associated with insulin resistance and PCOS, Chirositol™ works wonders. Most women with PCOS are overweight, but for those who are thin and have PCOS, Chirositol™ maintains normal blood sugar levels while normalizing ovulation and menstrual cycles, and reducing excess circulating male hormones.


But where Chirositol™ really shines is in helping to fight belly fat. Most women over the age of 40 have stubborn belly fat and they often have male facial hair growth as well. Chirositol™ gets rid of belly fat and those few whiskers too. If you do have PCOS, I also recommend you combine Estrosmart with Chirositol™ for a super-charged solution.

Posted on January 31,2011
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  1. Joanne Radtke

    I couldn’t believe how much estrosmart has helped me, instead of the constant pain agony and headaches from 1 week before menses started and the week of, i can focus on what to make for dinner and most important stay in control with my children.

    God Bless you
    Thankyou so much


    Feb 6,2011 @ 10:03 am

  2. Clemence

    I am using Dr.Lorna Vanderhaeghe’s products and I am wondering which of her products helps to remove or minimize male facial hair? and help to regrow hair, nails, skin etc.
    Is it Glucosmart? appreciate your response. Thank you

    Jun 25,2011 @ 9:30 pm

  3. Chantelle

    Hello Clemence, yes it is Glucosmart for the facial hair, skin tags and a number of other heath issues. The skin, hair and nails support would be collagen plus. How are you liking her products? We have such amazing stories coming in from customers. Thank you for the question.

    Jun 28,2011 @ 9:14 am

  4. Deb

    I have PCOS and take estrosmart. I find it very helpful, I take 2 in morning and 2 at night. How much Chirositol should I take. Loosing weight is very difficult, I think I am pre-diabetic.

    Aug 24,2011 @ 3:07 pm

  5. IanGorin

    Where can I buy chirositol in montreal

    Aug 25,2013 @ 11:13 am

  6. Nature's Fare Markets

    We offer mail order to North America. Any order over $70 is free shipping to your door.
    Thanks so much

    Aug 29,2013 @ 4:01 pm

  7. Debbie

    I am loving your products! For heavy periods I am on the Estrosmart. I tried the Estrosmart Plus- worked amazing but my system cannot handle the Vitex. When I take it, my heart pounds very forcefully. Thank you for continuing to offer the Estrosmart.
    If I take the Thyrosmart ( I have hypothyroidism) with your multivitamin will I get too much iodine?
    Thank you! Debbie

    Jan 30,2014 @ 10:04 am

  8. Debbie

    I am 41 years old, not overweight but struggle with a lot of unwanted whiskers (it has become a full time job pulling them all) and seem to be very sensiitive to needing to eat something solid very regularly or else I get very light headed. Doctors say my sugar level is always fine. Do you think that Glucosmart be beneficial for me?
    Thank you!

    Jan 30,2014 @ 10:10 am

  9. admin

    Thank you so much for contacting us. To have your question answered best please contact Lorna directly, she is great at providing answers. http://www.healthyimmunity.com/contact.asp

    Feb 3,2014 @ 8:55 am

  10. admin

    Thank you so much for contacting us.
    To have your question answered best please contact Lorna directly, she is great at providing answers.

    Feb 3,2014 @ 8:56 am

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